2016 IPD: to event organisers

ipd16-418x231From zero to 48 — that’s how fast the International Permaculture Day 2016 has grown since the new website went live around a few weeks ago. It seems that permaculture practitioners around the world continue to see value in the Day to get their messages across and show people what they have been doing.

That is why we at the International Permaculture Day 2016 coordinating team want to thank you for making it happen. Thank you for opening your permaculture sites and experiments, your homes and talks to the public.

Share your event photos and stories

Taking photographs of your event is a way to let people know what happened through the year. There are two ways to spread the word further:

  • if you post photos to your Instagram account, using the #permacultureday we will distribute them further
  • if you would like to write a story or a report on your event and include a couple of photographs, you can publish them on the IPD website, just follow the link below.

From its start in 2010 as an Australian event, International Permaculture Day has become an international day of celebration for the permaculture design system.

Thanks again for your participation.

International Permaculture Day is a chance to share thoughts, visions and lots of common sense ways that we can all make a positive difference to the world we live in. Its all about combining age old truths and skills with new and innovative thinking and technologies….people, plants and landscapes growing together, designing and nurturing a healthy community along the way.
…Costa Georgiardis, host, ABC Gardening Australia, ABC TV.