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I have a Thirty Year involvement with Permaculture.  With my wife Nancy we have the oldest intentional food forest garden in the UK and the experience of teaching on four continents - five when we make it to Australia this autumn.  We live the same latitude as Alaska and produce food at the rate of over 14 tonnes a hectare with nothing more than hand tools and two days a week effort - oh and all our firewood, half our electricity  and a north-hardy plant nursery which produces five hundred trees a year and five thousand plant for sale.  Whilst educating a thousand people a year.  From .08 of a hectare- or to put it another way 800 sq metres.

Our intention has always been to make permaculture accessible to ordinary folks.  We are expert at it.  My books The Permaculture Way and The Permaculture Garden have sold tens of thousands of copies and have been a gateway into the discipline for those readers and everyone they lent them to.  Visits here are a joy and accompanied by fine food produced in  the Garden.

If you have the chance- visit...