I've worked for ages in management and consulting positions starting with multinational corporations, then moving to NGOs, local governments and communities.  After over a decade of working in 'corporate America' not even earning enough to pay the bills and constantly running on the hamster-wheel, I called it quits - the 1st time.  That was the year 2000 and I started my own company,  providing strategic thinking & planning and leadership development consulting and training services.  It was a challenge, but I worked with great NGOs and community organizations that really cared about their missions and their staff.  I closed the company when I moved to Panama in 2005. That's when I called it quits - the 2nd time.  I came to Panama on a volunteer consultancy to help a rural municipality develop a strategic plan. This 4-week job ignited a passion for working in community development and united my business, consulting, and training experiences.  Upon finishing the official consulting job, I returned to the US, put my affairs in order, and came back to Panama to continue supporting the work that we'd begun. After a bit, I left to pursue a Master's in sustainable community development, which also took me to Brazil for 6 months, but I returned at every chance and settled permanently in Panama in January 2007. Since then I've been working as a consultant in Community Development, I started Villa Astoria Guest House as the springboard to transition full time into working on the 8th Life Panama EcoVillage Project.  We now have 21 hectares of land and are seeking co-founders and volunteers to help us with the initial designs and interventions on our pristine land which sits between a river and a stream in rural Panama.