Richard Telford

Richard Telford

Driven to transform his experience from the advertising industry to raise awareness about the benefits of applying permaculture into daily life.

Best known for his collaboration with David Holmgren on the design of the Permaculture Design Principle icons that first appeared in Essence of Permaculture in 2002 and later in Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (2003). Richard has collaborated with Holmgren since to produce the many of his other titles, using skills he developed as a Graphic Artist in the advertising industry. In 2008 he published the website, as well as the Permaculture Calendar with David Arnold, in an effort to convey the concepts of permaculture to a wider audience.

Since 1998, Richard has spent seven years living in two permaculture designed intentional communities. In 2008 he bought a small run down home on 580m2 in Seymour, Central Victoria (pop. 6000), with the idea of rebuilding it as an urban demonstration of low impact living. After a year of preparation and another year in construction, Richard moved into his owner-built home in 2010 with his Japanese born partner Kunie and their two year old son Kai. Just two weeks later, their second son, Sen, was born at home. Abdallah House has now become a local attraction and is open to the public several times a year.