Sustainable Development, Education and Permanent Culture Trip in India

December 2, 2017

December 12, 2017

12:00 pm To 12:00 pm

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


(03) 93890183

Event Description

An opportunity to join us on a 10 day journey through India following the international permaculture convergence in Hyderabad. The trip has a special focus on re-imagining the dialogue around sustainable development and education through a permanent culture lens.The intention is to engage new thought processes, inspire new ideas and motivate us to bring better and more conscious practices into our lives, our work, our neighborhoods and the world in which we live.
Open to anyone interested in communities, the world around us and how we relate to them.

Dharavi Slums in Mumbai

The trip will start in Hyderabad where the group will meet before travelling to Mumbai where we will spend one day before heading north to Udaipur. In Mumbai we will have the opportunity to visit and explore Dharavi, one of the largest slums in Asia and home to 1 million inhabitants. Although incredibly poor, Dharavi is also an amazingly industrious and vibrant place, sometimes called the beating heart of Mumbai. The visit will offer a unique glimpse into the chaotic beauty, and nuances, as well as the challenges and struggles of informal and unplanned spaces and life in the slums.

Shikshantar in Udaipur

For the final stage of the trip we will head to the magical “white city” of Udaipur in the desert state of Rajasthan.  Here we visit and work with the inspiring organisation Shikshanter, an applied research institute dedicated to catalysing radical transformation of education in order to initiate swaji development in India.

Our activities with them will include:

  • 2 day village visit to learn about the ancient food and farming traditions. This will involve spending one night out in the village where our group can work in the farm with farmers and learn about the local seed trail. Whilst there we will also visit the tribal forest community to understand relations between forest dwellers and forest.
  • Meet swaraj university youth learners at tapovan ashram. Learn abour natural farming and naturopathy.
  • Illegal mining and local economy village visit.
  • Wisdom Walk (to explore traditional knowledge) in the old city of Udaipur
  • Visit to Dump site and engagements with the community who live and make a living off the trip face
  • Upcycling Waste Workshops, Herbal Soap Making Workshop and Slow Food Cooking Workshops @ Shikshantar and EcoHut
  • Visit to different organizations around Udaipur working on solutions (traditional water, traditional healers, gift culture projects, organic food)
  • Visit to local artisans and traditional communities (potter, bamboo, miniature painter, broom maker, etc.)
  • Dinner at family homes

What this is all about

In general CERES Global’s aim is to make international connections, and share knowledge and ideas around sustainable, social and environmental issues. We mostly do this through organising socio-environmental cultural journeys focused on mutual learning and exchange. Importantly however, we find that on our trips, whilst the themes pinning down what we do act as a focus and anchor, there is always a lot more deeper learning and stirring inside people that comes from building meaningful engagements and having honest and open conversations with local people. Relationships and stories are what really touch and move people and so these elements are what we really try to nurture and the India trip is a very good example of this.

Here is a quote from Nalika, a community development worker and team leader from Moreland City Council, who travelled with us on our India trip in Jan 2017.

The 10 days moved me, I had to sit in spaces that felt uncomfortable, I realised that my frame of reference was very Western and the power imbalance in the way I work with community was apparent. I experienced the joy of being vulnerable, the importance of sharing and starting with the strengths in any situation, how essential it is to change my language and question my motivation and intentions and most of all it confirmed that I will always be inspired by community and it is a place that I want to be….. I consider this as a gift given to me and I will share it in many different ways to be able to keep the spirit of what was given to me alive.

More info:

Click here to visit our website

You can also read two recent blogs written about our last India trip:

Nalika’s reflections from India

Thoughts on Gift Culture


CERES Global

About the Organisers

CERES Global is a CERES Community Environment Park project, based in Brunswick East, Melbourne.
CERES Global coordinates a number of national and international community engagement exchanges annually, in India, Indonesia, Timor, Arnhem Land, and Cuba. Groups are generally 10 – 15 participants, spending between 2 and 6 weeks in various communities, learning, sharing, and working together to meet environmental and social challenges.

Participant groups generally consist of those interested in engaging with a community in ways not often available to tourists, those keen to travel in a group to share the experience, and to people seeking a meaningful engagement where they can properly understand a community, develop a connection with a community, and share cross-cultural experiences which will enable ongoing contact and friendship.

Participants come from any background, any age, gender, socio-economic group; and CERES Global recognise that everyone has something to contribute to the trip. CERES Global run community engagement trips at cost price of around $800 per week, which includes food, domestic travel, accommodation, carbon offsets, and an appropriate community contribution. Participants arrange their own flights. Sponsored placements are those where the funding for a participant are provided by a third party employer, funding organisation, or through a grant, and are priced at $1200 in order that surplus income be directed to program development, and to subsidise specialists so that we can invite professionals to come along and share their skills in a particular field. We also seek to include members of those communities we visit on other CERES Global trips to different communities.

CERES Global has been running for 8 years, initially to India, then more recently to Arnhem Land and Indonesia, in 2013 will travel to Cuba and in 2014 will travel to Timor. We return annually to each location to revisit communities with a new group further developing relations and rapport, and continuing our involvement in various activities. Between annual visits, returned participants often form working groups to maintain their interest and contact with a group, to organise projects, and to brief the upcoming groups who intend to travel to the same communities. Existing groups are the ‘Friends of Mapuru’ group, and ‘The Jamnya Project - sustainable housing for teachers of the future’, and the Indonesia returned participant working group.

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