In these days of internet publishing it is refreshing to find permaculture magazines in print in Australia, the US and UK.

Australia’s first permaculture print magazine was International Permaculture Journal, 1978 – 2000. Permaculture Edge appeared irregularly up until 1995. Green Connections published through the 1990s until ceasing publication at the end of 2000. Australians are now served by PIP magazine, launched a couple years ago by NSW South Coast-based publisher, Robyn Rosenfeld.

In the US, Permaculture Activist, now Permaculture Design Magazine, remains the longest-running permaculture publication in continuous publication.

Here is an introduction to permaculture magazines in print…

Pip Australian Permaculture Magazine

Pip is the magazine for the Australian permaculture community. It is the place for people and groups to connect and share ideas, knowledge and experience, and stay in touch with what is happening around Australia.

Pip Magazine is your guide to integrating permaculture and sustainability in your life. There are informative articles on all aspects of permaculture as well as profiles on people, projects, gardens, farms, houses and businesses. There are ‘how to’ guides, recipes, reviews, a directory containing permaculture related businesses, courses and people and a classifieds section.

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Permaculture, International: practical solutions beyond sustainability

A UK magazine in print since 1992 and available by digital subscription, Permaculture offers subscribers access to all 88 back issues free of charge.

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Permaculture, North America: practical solutions beyond sustainability

Launching in June 2016, our new publication is a magazine packed with inspiring articles of interest to residents of the North American continent.

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Permaculture Design Magazine

Since 1985 we’ve celebrated the support of our readers, the designers and inhabitants of a regenerative human culture. In North America’s leading (& the world’s longest-lived) permaculture periodical.

The Permaculture Design magazine is a co-evolving quarterly produced by this dedicated handful of entirely part-time folks and by our readers and friends.

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